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Our simple yet effective credit based model helps us to meet our vision of transforming the society through provision of affordable financial solutions to the unbanked population.

We serve a combination of five important pillars:

  • Access to Credit (financing)
  • Regular training
  • Enable Savings
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Insurance

1. Access to Credit

We avail easy, affordable and flexible loans to under-served small businesses, smallholder farmers, and green energy users who are usually discriminated by most financial institutions. The monetary (entrepreneurs) and non-monetary (rural farmers’ farm inputs & Green energy products) financing create an enabling environment for our loan beneficiaries to increase their profit margins and mark-ups, which in turn lead to sustainable growth and expansion of their ventures as well as healthy and improved welfare.

2. Regular Training

We conduct personalized/group, business development and Agribusiness training for our beneficiaries: entrepreneurs and rural farmers to provide them with the knowledge to better their skills and share their experiences so as to increase their chances of thriving. We pay special emphasis on: Creating and Pursuing Goals, Money Matters, Business and Market Research, Business Plan, Simple Financial Statements/ Record Keeping, Savings and Group Credit Management. The training also ensures that every client understands the purpose of their applied loans and helps them to undertake their ventures in the most efficient manner.

3. Enable Savings

Moto Hope Capital provides our members in the rural areas with the financial muscle necessary to ensure their prosperity and economic sustainability via friendly and easily accessible credit facilities. Improved earnings, profits and incomes from MHC’s credit enable members to save for  future growth and prosperity. Women, youth, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises are facilitated with member investment opportunities, Pension Plan Schemes for the informal sector and exciting partner discounts.

4. Monitoring and Evaluation

By virtue of our welfare and impact based model, we conduct credit assessment through regular follow up on the funded activities of all our loan beneficiaries. It is through these field visits to assess the impact of our loans to our beneficiaries’ socioeconomic welfare that we are able to predict possible challenges, help our beneficiaries in identifying solutions, and measure the impact of our affordable credit. M & E also helps MHC to understand the extent to which each loan product impacts on the lives of our clients as well as make guided forecasts, plans and decisions for MHC.

5. Insurance

MHC has partnered with major insurance companies to be able to protect our beneficiaries; rural farmers, SMEs and the informal sector from losses. We enable the penetration of Insurance firms in the rural settings thus make their services easily accessible to them and in so doing reduce the chances of farmers losing their produce to otherwise easy to solve challenges. In addition, we enable businesses to transfer their risks of loss to the insurance companies that cover them. Our innovative products also seek to cover people in the largely informal sectors of rural Kenya, case in point being our Pension Plan Scheme for operators in the informal sector.