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We offer Business development training free of charge to our loan beneficiaries. We provide them with the knowledge and experience necessary to run small businesses and efficiently  manage their own personal finances. Our goal is to impart in them credit management skills, ability to put in practice the training offered and increase their confidence to thrive.


Topics Covered Include:

  1. Creating and Pursuing Goals
    Setting goals (short-term, long-term); achieving your dreams; introduction to business; why business knowledge is important for you.
  2. Money Matters
    What is income, capital, profit, and sales; personal and unexpected expenses; spending habits; managing your money; recognizing “needs” vs.“wants”.
  3. Business and Market Research
    Identifying the business idea; how to conduct various market surveys; gathering information for the business plan.
  4. The Business Plan
    Why a business plan is important; what to include in plan: location, product, competition, word of mouth marketing, etc.
  5. Simple Financial Statements/ Record Keeping
    Importance of written organization; simple income statements (profits and losses); simple balance sheets; keeping track of inventory.
  6. Savings Groups
    What is a savings group; how to work as a team; benefits of forming a group; how to form a group (rules, leaders, decisions to make, money distribution, etc.)
  7. Credit Management
    We train entrepreneurs on credit management in order to ensure that they utilize well the loans acquired to scale up their businesses operations.

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